Oni Press to open submissions tomorrow!

For those that are still unaware, Oni Press, the guys that publish Scott Pilgrim, are opening their doors to submissions starting tomorrow! This is an awesome opportunity for artists and especially writers to have their work looked at by one of the big names in the comics industry. Link here for more info and guidelines to submitting.


Of course, my wife and I are totally on board on this. We started our pitch package a week ago, with hopes of having it done by the end of the month. Their submissions will follow a pattern of two months open and two months closed, and we want to be one of the first writer/artist pairs they see.

They also seem to really be looking for writers, if the news posted by Bloody Disgusting is anything to go by. Basically, Oni wants to add more diversity in its casts of characters. For a submission to even be considered, it must represent both genders and have at least one person of color. That’s not a problem for us, since we developed our story about a year ago with diversity in mind. Our goal was to write books in such a way that, if my daughter or one of her peers ever saw two men kissing, she wouldn’t think anything of it. She wouldn’t look twice at an interracial couple and if she heard that someone was born a female but felt more comfortable as a male, she’d be happy for the person and not “weirded out”. Our books are about people, after all. And that’s exactly how everyone in this world should be thought of.  Just regular people.

I’d love to go into more detail about the upcoming book, that doesn’t even have a page on our website yet, but my lunch just dinged and I have to watch The Mighty Jingles and get a history lesson on the newest premium ship released for World of Warships, the HMS Warspite. Or maybe I’ll catch up on the NA League of Legends LCS. Then, it’s back to writing. I think I’ll work on Oni’s pitch package some more today.



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