Let’s talk Comics!!!!!

So, I promised everyone here something a little more fun than yesterday. Something about comics. But what could we talk about… Hmm….

I’ve got it! Where are my guys from the 1990s? Raise your hand if you were fortunate enough to be pretty young during the 90’s and see the entire decade from start to finish. Man, what a time the 90’s were for comics. Superman died. The speculator boom came to an end. And, let’s not forget the pouches. Oh, the pouches. And the guns. And the grittiness. The 90’s were awesome! They were also one of the most important decades in comics history. Let’s start with what I think is one of the most major things to come out of the 90’s: Creator owned art.

Let’s give some (more) props  to Jack Kirby. He’s the one that got all of this under way. He got pretty upset that Marvel could do whatever they wanted to do with the characters he created. The solution? Join a publishing house that let him keep the copyrights to his characters. Some other high-profile artists got on board his train of thought. Little known guys like Seth McFarlane Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee. By the time the 90’s had officially begun, sights were set in the comics industry to let the artists actually keep the rights to what they drew. This was something of a big deal back then, as Marvel owned pretty much everything Kirby ever did while working there. But with Image Comics, that changed.

See, back in the day, Marvel and DC owned whatever the artist did. It was a contractual agreement both parties (unfortunately) signed. But in the newly created Image Comics, the artist would keep the copyright to his or her characters. Image would own nothing more than it’s trademark. And that was it. More and more creative teams switched to independent publishing and we got some awesome stories out of all of that. In a way, I guess you could say Jack Kirby helped make “The Walking Dead” possible.

But we also had some garbage come out of all of this too. I mean, really. Have you seen Youngblood? All the characters have the exact same hair style. And I think this is around the time Frank Miller started to go a little crazy…but like I said, more about him, the creator of Youngblood, Rob Li field, and the others later. Right now, I gotta get back to editing my script for Oni Press. See you guys later!




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