About pants and writer’s block

Crazy week it’s been. Lots of stuff going on and it kept me away from the computer for a good couple of days. But now I’m back. After working a little bit more on my book, I have to be honest. I’m just ready to get this thing done. Formatting the book looks like it’s going to be a lot easier than I thought. The particular way I write seems to mesh well with whatever the program uses to auto detect things like chapter and scene breaks. The final draft of Godspeed is completed, with the exception of two paragraphs near the beginning that I’m gonna wait a little on and see how they fit. My instincts tell me to space them apart, but we’ll see.

The only problem I’m having now is the cover. My wife did the illustration and I love it, but uploading it anywhere just ruins the colors and makes it look like some sort of bad Art Nouveau piece with the exceedingly vibrant colors that appear. And this is after we muted the colors already. My wife can fix it, though. But until the cover is done, I’m sort of stuck. So, without anything else to do, I decided to tackle the little teaser for my second book so I can add it in as a preview. I’m not too confident in releasing any details of the second book, save it’s title is Paradise Lost and it’s the logical continuation of Sharon’s ordeal. But details should be emerging soon, as I intend to publish a book every three months, once Godspeed has been published.

So, how do I write? Everyone is different, but I’m what you would call a “pantser,” meaning I write by the seat of my pants. (I also despise that word, but no one can come up with anything better) This only goes for my fiction writing. Due to the nature of comic scripting, I have to use an outline to give the artist a heads up on where things are going. But when I start a fiction project, I boot up Word 2003 (I never felt like I had to upgrade) enter in the title, the author (which is me, of course) designate a section for notes to myself as I’m writing and start the first chapter. It’s really easy for me to just sit down and write. I have a very vague understanding where I want a story to go as well as one or two key scenes. The rest is made up on the spot, oftentimes with surprising results. But don’t give me that writer’s block stuff either. I don’t believe in writer’s block . I think it’s a made-up construct to keep writers from putting their behind in a chair and writing.

Try this, the next time you or one of your friends say they have “writer’s block.” Ask them if they are a writer. When they say yes, then tell them to prove it. To be a writer, you have to write. Every day. You have to spend time behind your keyboard. Let’s say an hour. Now, since you’re a writer, you have to sit in front of your computer, desk, wherever for at least an hour. Tell yourself that, even if you don’t have anything to write, you’re going to sit behind wherever you’re at for that hour. And nothing else. After an hour passes you’ll either be pretty bored or you’ll find something to write about.

There have been times I haven’t liked what was on my mind, as it was the only idea I could come up with. But I wrote it down anyway, because I’m a writer. Write down something. Anything. Describe a door, or elaborate on the marvels of a nearby window. Either that, or sit there in your chair and do nothing. My guess is you’ll come up with something to write. Ever since I started “not believing” in writer’s block, it’s never happened to me. And that was nearly six years ago.

So have fun writing. But if you’re not having fun, write anyway. If you’re constantly not having fun writing, then maybe a break is in order. Burnout is a thing and we all need breaks. But if you’re still not having fun, then maybe it should be relegated to a hobby. In which case you’re free to do whatever. But if you wanna be a career writer, you have to write. It won’t always be fun, but it’ll always be worth it.



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