Happy Accidents

I notice there are a lot of other writers out there! I appreciate all the likes and attention, even if I don’t have time to keep up and check out everyone’s pages. I try, though. Anyway, this one is for the writers of long fiction. Ever get the feeling about something you’ve written, but hated it? Or knew it wouldn’t fly? Only to have it be become one of the best things about your rough draft so far? Yea, that happened again to me a few days ago.

I want to publish a new story every three months. The first three Godspeed books are done, though they need several cans of polish to get them up to the quality of the first book. I hadn’t done any writing in a few days, so I decided to see where the story of the fourth book would go. That’s the awesome part about writing by the seat of one’s pants. Things just seem to happen. The late, great and awesome Bob Ross called them Happy Accidents. And with the amount of accidents put in that story in the last few days, I think I could’ve filled an emergency ward.

Things went sort of maybe a little bit totally out of control. While writing it, I was telling myself how this would just be editing fodder. I decided to splurge and read what I wrote the next day. I don’t usually do that because it kind of slows me down. But dang it if it wasn’t pretty good. It’s sharp departure from the character I hope many of you will know and come to love, but from an artistic standpoint, it works well with the plans I have in store and what I wanted those scenes to represent. I might be keeping them after all, we’ll just see. As we all know, things can change a great deal. One day, when hundreds of thousands of people know who I am, I might post the first ever draft of Godspeed, just to illustrate how stories can change so drastically. It is true. Nearly every single word in that manuscript has changed.

And I have this song by Delain stuck in my head. Enjoy your new ear worm, Muh ha ha ha!


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