And now for something completely different.

My wife finished putting the last little bit of polish on my cover, since I finished my manuscript yesterday. And while I could write some more, I did my daily quota today already. Was gonna relax and play some Robocraft and stomp some people, but something is up and the servers are down or something. Since I hadn’t updated today, I figure we talk about one of my other hobbies: Video games.

Well, just Robocraft specifically, since I think it’s an amazing game. It’s free to play, and from the moment I entered the game I came across an amazing discovery. I’m actually really, really good at it.

My wife says I’m only so good because I’m curb stomping a bunch of 12-year-olds, but it’s not a game for just young people. Just people. Although I’m pretty sure, judging by some of the creations I’ve seen, that I’ve curb stomped my fair share of young people.

I suppose it was because I was always into those building toys. Legos, Erector Sets, K’Nex. I built my K’NEX Big Ball Factory for my daughter and she still plays with it. It was a lot of fun, since I hadn’t built it in about 20 years. Seemed like it was a lot taller back then:-)

Anyway, I don’t know what it is, but, especially before the patch last week, I was totally unstoppable. Maybe I have really good ping or something, because these people can’t hit moving targets to save their life. Maybe it’s because I play World of Tanks, and the two games are sort of similar. Maybe I’ve found my true gaming calling. I dunno, but when I actually carry my team to victory, and do it numerous times, it makes me take pause.

Seriously. I’m carrying my team. The object is to destroy the other team’s protonium tower. You do that by shooting all the little crystals on it’s side. It has a shield, though. But you can bring it down by capturing the neutral towers to give your team a damage boost. It was called the MOBA update, because it plays a lot like League of Legends. But I’m always the highest level person on my team. Rarely, I’ll be in second, and if I play my medic repair bot, I’ll sometimes drop to third. But I’m always on top. Even if we lose, I’m still the best on the team. I thought it was just because I was fighting the newbies in the lower tiers. But I’m tier 6 out of 10 now, and still beastly.

And the catch? It’s so easy. The game lets you design your own robots, so I make huge, lumbering tanks with millions of guns. Common sense tells you in this game not to put long arms and legs to hold your weapons, as those get shot off. It’s better to attach them to multiple points. You’d be surprised how many people I wreck from just shooting their guns off. And all I do is lumber in front of a person and shoot them until they die. 95% of the time, they die and I don’t. Even against other robots built like mine. I have no idea what I’m doing differently. You can even name your robots. I call my main SMG tank “Killdozer.” Because that’s what he is.

Oh, and all of this success I’ve been finding happened before  I knew you could heal by returning to your base. Now that I know that, I’m often unstoppable. And it’s a great feeling. Reminds me of gaming with my best buddy Mike. I’ve known him since 4th grade, and after we both graduated, we got an apartment together. He got me hooked on the strategy game “Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth.” When we went to multiplayer, we were unstoppable. Mike played Gondor and I played Isengard. But we really hit our stride when the sequel came out. Mike played Men of the West, and I stuck by Isengard. After two years of playing, we lost three matches together. And those were some really fun matches.

It probably helped that we knew the literal best player in the world in ranked single player TKE_Turtle. I actually went to an anime convention with him, Mike and some buddies and he’s a really cool guy. And I have the distinction of being one of the few people to actually beat him. Technically, it was a free for all match between us three, and I double crossed Mike and killed him while he weakened Turtle. I then went to kill him, but it was not easy, even with the advantage I had. I could actually feel the exact moment he turned on his “awesomness” in the game. it was a close match, and in the end it had no effect on our rank. But It’s something I like to brag about.

Guess that’s it. Hopefully, Robocraft is done. I gotta get some money to upgrade my armor. Oh yea, I can’t afford top armor and still dominate. Maybe I’ll watch some real professionals and see if I’m playing like they are.

See ya!



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