Wait a second. Amazon sells fanfiction?

Ok, so lurking around some forums, I found a post that asked what Amazon Worlds was. I had no idea, so I followed the links and found out that, yes, this is a section of Amazon dedicated to selling fanfiction. As in like I do with my books. As in both the writer and the original owner of the story get royalties.

My goodness, how times have changed.

Now, let me first state my opinion about fanfiction. I think it’s an awesome thing. Allow me to quote myself from several years ago, discussing opinions of fanfiction in saying it’s like mental masturbation. You learn a lot about yourself and it feels good. But you shouldn’t feel ashamed about it, either. In fact, it’s a great way to build a little following for when you do “grow up” and start “experimenting” with original stories and characters.

I went through a sort of slump in my early teenage years. I loved writing, but I just didn’t do it. Then, I was introduced to an anime called Ranma 1/2. Eventually, I stumbled on fanfiction and it reawakened my desire to write. I still have a few stories over at fanfiction.net. But do me a favor. Don’t look at them. They are so bad, it’s almost funny. But the point is, that was the first place I was able to hone my craft. And one of the key features about being an author is staying consistent with characters. Fanfiction gives people an easy place to practice before the real thing. It also sets people up to experience real reviews and grow a thicker skin, and trust me, I pissed off my fair share of readers all those years ago.

However, Amazon has strict rules set up, even going as far as specifying cover designs for these books. And I’m sure it’s something where Amazon first asks the creators. If its not the case, I’d totally put Godspeed up there when it was done. One of my silly dreams is to read what other people have in store for my characters. However, it’s not like you can just write any old fanfiction. There’s a set number of series from TV and books that people can choose from. Otherwise, it’s just like what I went through a few days ago. Well, maybe the reviewers are a little more harsh, since they know the characters and all. But other than that, it’s exactly the same.

Well, the writer only gets 35% royalties. I get 70% on an original story. But still, I think it’s kinda neat. Want to write fanfiction and make money? Well, here you go. Here’s a list of authors you can copy from and make money from. Although I couldn’t find out of the program was still going or not.

Anyway, my little bug has gotten a little bug and I just got an email that there’s more work for me to do as far as making money writing other people’s stuff, so I guess I’ll catch you guys later!



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