You Know Those Feels, Bro?

Fellow writers, ever get these weird feelings, both good and bad, that spring up from time to time? I do, and sometimes they happen over the course of a week. For example, the other day I just felt…well, sort of silly. I mean, my career choice is basically telling made-up teenagers what to do by pressing buttons on a keyboard. Note that it wasn’t a serious feeling, but just one of those things, you know. Of course, I just dismissed it, because, first of all, I don’t tell my characters what to do. I simply introduce situations and they act as they will. Second, writing is fun, so screw you, strange feelings that come back from time to time.

A few days later, I just got this feeling like, this was the most awesome job in the world. All of the writing I did that day just clicked. Those are days I work for and what I wrote was probably one of the more solid pieces of writing I’ve ever done on a rough draft. Everything actually got on the page pretty close to what I had in mind. I actually try to keep the experience of reading my books as cinematic as possible, but more. I try to include all senses so that a person “experiences” my stories the same way a person “experiences” art at one of those weird art shows where people light themselves on fire because art, apparently.

And while I’m on the subject of cool things, aren’t long drives in the car awesome? I don’t trust the doctors in my city after they screwed up two diagnoses with my wife. One diagnosis in particular was excruciating as they misdiagnosed a kidney stone as a UTI and sent my wife home for three days with no pain medicine. Speaking from experience, kidney stones suck hard. So, my wife and I drive out of town an hour for doctors appointments. I’ll be having several tests done over the next few weeks, so that gives me a chance to just drive and let my mind wander. No matter where I start, it always ends up on writing, and it’s awesome to just sit and thing about things, isn’t it?

The same city is also the halfway point for my wife’s sister and her husband, and while visiting a few days ago, I somehow stumbled across the fact that, in the last few months or years, I hadn’t come up with a new novel series and that I’m always thinking about series I have planned. Isn’t not a bad thing, because I have five series planned, including Godspeed, each no less than three books, so I don’t really need a new idea.

Well, I had one of those weird dreams that evening. I was flying an airplane and learning how to drop bombs. Long story short, I had to follow a lighted path and just increase my altitude to reach my target. And in those awesome pre-waking hours, I somehow came up with a new story idea. Very, very early, but I think it’d be cool to shove some teens into some modern aircraft and let them fly and shoot people down Top Gun style. My wife suggested the group’s dynamic be similar to “The Runaways,” one of her favorite comics series, and that’s a pretty awesome idea. Now, how in the heck do I get teens inside the cockpits of fighter aircraft the likes of F-16 Fighting Falcons, A-10 Thunderbolts II’s and F-14 Tomcats when A: most of these aircraft aren’t used any more and this series is somewhat in the future and B: teens probably don’t have the thousands of hours of training are required to fly these planes competently. Also, there’s the whole writing a dogfight about modern aircraft. Basically, they don’t dogfight any more and most pilots never even see the planes they shoot down. I have to make that interesting, somehow.

But hey, that’s what I love about writing. If this is really something I pursue and don’t just file under the “ideas” part of my writing folder, then I’ll figure it out. it’s what we do, after all.


P.S Also, it’s awesome to be part of history with the same-sex marriage ruling by SCOTUS. But am I the only one that’s a little worried that the vote only passed by a measure of 5 to 4? Regardless, progressive ideas always win in the end. We still have a lot of inequality to stamp out in this world, but it’s nice that we’re starting.


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