R.I.P Satoru Iwata

It should come as no surprise that, growing up, I was very into video games. I still am, in fact and it’s something I love sharing with my daughter. So when the news hit me that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata had passed away, I was pretty saddened. I mean, he’s only been the president of Nintendo since 2002, but I think he was leading the company down a line that a lot of other companies seem to have abandoned. That video games should be fun.

I mean, this is the guy from E3 2015 who held a bunch of bananas for the camera for no reason and then had a puppet version of himself introduce the new Star Fox game. He’s even been quoted saying that video games should be fun. Maybe that’s why, over the years, I’ve become less and less interested in console video games. It seems realism is a dominating factor in them and there’s only so many dull grey/brown FPS games you can play before you get bored. Most of the games out there don’t interest me in the slightest bit. Maybe it’s because I just don’t consider them fun. Maybe that’s why I’ve moved most of my gaming to the PC, where games like Minecraft can hold my attention for hours, as they are fun. (Yes, I know Minecraft is for consoles too, and I have the PS3 version. But PC Minecraft has mods. And mods rule.)

Of course, I also consider games art as well. You can’t watch a Let’s Play of Shadow of the Colossus without calling it a work of art. And those games are fine. I appreciate them differently, but I still appreciate them. But in the end, I just want to play a fun game that takes my mind off of the worries of the world for an hour or so a day. I don’t want super realistic games all the time, because I live in reality. Just give me something fun. That’s all anyone has to do.

So, rest well, Iwata. I hope your legacy continues and we can bring back the fun in video games.


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