You know those feels, Bro? Number two

You know those feels? When you’ve been working on a project for literally (not the figurative definition, but the real one) several years and you just well…sort of feel bored by it. I know those feels, bro. And I’m getting bored with Godspeed.

I hope this doesn’t look negatively to any potential readers out there, as I still love the books. I’m just a little bored of the world I’ve created. I think the main reason I’m so bored is I know what’s going to happen to Sharon, all her friends and all her enemies at the end. I still stumble across some unknown things. Such little tidbits are a happy product of my writing style of “Screw the rules, sit down and write.”

Or maybe it’s the fact I’ve been deep in the lore of this world for going on six years now. I dunno. I just really want to start something new. Has this ever happened to any one of you guys out there in the Internet?

Having come to the conclusion that I’m bored. (maybe burned out is a better word) I’ve decided to cut one of the books from the series. I can do just as well with four books, as I don’t really see myself writing a fifth book. And since I’ve decided that, I probably have about 40 or 50K words left on the rough draft of the final book. I’m looking forward to finishing my first series as an indie publisher, and even more excited to publish those books later this year.

But I’m also excited about my next project. I still don’t have a title I’m satisfied with, but it’s an urban fantasy set in modern times about a Necromancer and his goal to obtain the ultimate magic, which is the power of divination. Using that power, he can finally find out how his real parents, powerful spellcasters in their own right, died during a simple house fire. Like I said, I have a tremendous backlog of stories to write, so I need to get started.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Just wondering if anyone else gets bored with their worlds. Maybe it is burn out after all. But I’m going to finish the book by the end of the month and take a few days off. I did 6100 words yesterday, so if I keep that up, I should have plenty of time.



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