Making the writing proccess go a little faster.

So, this might be old news, but I’ve stumbled upon a little tip that might speed up the process of developing a final draft, and I’d thought I’d share it just in case other people want to try.

Ok, so we have a finished rough draft and we’re in the process of cleaning it up. We’ve read it several times and all that’s left is the little stuff. What spelling errors are still left, places where dialogue doesn’t sound quite right and stuff like that. Normally, I’d tackle those problems on my own by letting the draft sit for a few more days or weeks while I did something different. But no matter how hard we try, we, as writers, area always going to be the closest ones to our work. We’re going to skip and miss a lot of stuff. It’s just the nature of the process. Now, what I did, to try and maintain a publishing schedule of at least one book every three months is pass it to my wife well before I had a final draft, but around that point where all a writer has to do is to begin adding polish to the manuscript.

And you know what? It worked out really well. I’ve shaved weeks of time off of my writing schedule. All the main story elements are in place in my latest book. It’s just the little stuff and a bigger question of whether one entire scene needed to be cut and replaced with something else. Turns out, that my wife had some brilliant suggestions and I can’t wait for her to finish reading the draft so I can get to work on them. Yea, and that scene did need to be cut. I hate doing that, but it has to be done. That’ll be another post. Our personal writing graveyards.

Normally, no one would see a draft until I personally felt it was ready. But passing it to someone you trust before you reach that point and who understands that you need honest criticisms can save a little time, I think. At least, if you write like me. My roughs are notoriously sloppy as I rarely go back to fix something, instead just letting it sit there.

So, there’s that, if you’re like me and never considered of doing such a thing. Maybe it’ll help if you’re, like me, sort of new at this whole thing. Give it a shot and see if it works, as, once again, regularly publishing seems to be the key in this industry. I’ll let you guys know how it all turns out in the coming months



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