Most advice you hear is correct

I once heard a little piece of advice about subsequent drafts while nearing the final draft. I have no idea who said it or where it was said, but the gist of it was “Your draft isn’t finished until you’ve rewritten every single word of it,” or something like that. Of course, that was the case with my previous books, especially the first one. However, since I’ve learned os much about writing, I figure I could get it mostly right the first time.

Yea, that’s not really the case. Nearly 90% of all of my sentences have to be rewritten in some way. Of course that’s normal, at least for me. But it sort of sucks, because I was hoping I could do like a lot of other writers do and produce a pretty good draft the first time. Maybe in a while, but until then, I won’t fight that fact. In fact, I’ll embrace it and I still might speed things up.

My second book is gonna be late, but it’s still on track to be sometime at the end of September. I also hired a really cool cover artist and a cover redesign of my first book is nearly complete. It looks awesome so far, so I can’t wait to see how the rest of the series turn out in the coming weeks and months.

Until then. I’ll just keep writing. And editing 🙂


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