You Know Those Feels, Bro? Series Regret.

You know that feel when you’ve finished your series, but your mind thinks that maybe you should’ve written something…I dunno, a little different for your first foray into the indie publishing world? Well, to anyone else out there that feels the same way, I know that feel too, Bro.

I dunno. My first series is in a category that’s seen a lot of saturation and is in the process of receding back to normal levels. And a part of me thinks that the plot is a little to niche. Maybe I should’ve started with an urban fantasy. They’re pretty hot right now and I think the market is larger for urban fantasy than military dystopian survival stories. On a side note, why does every text editor I use flag dystopian as not a word, when it’s been a category on Amazon for years?

Anyway, regret or not, the series is done and I’ve worked too hard to just sweep it aside and write something else. And I won’t really start work on those urban fantasies until the series is completely published, which is a nice motivation for me to go ahead and publish everything. But that editing…I’ll never think I can work on multiple projects like that again, at least until I can hire a real editor.

Besides, maybe the book could trigger a resurgence in dystopian works. Hey, you never know, right?



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