New stuff all around

Man, has it been two months since I was last here? Time really flies when you’re busy.

Anyway, so I’m trying something a little different. I noticed that the one constant in my stories, asides from the use of teenaged protags, is that there’s always a lot of action. My stories become boring for me to write unless there’s some sort of physical confrontation in there. Like, fighting, explosions, magic spells in the case of my NaNo book (more on that later) and stuff like that.

So, I decided to get a new cover for Godspeed to show that, which is what you see above. While I’ll always love the cover my wife did, I’ve since learned that a cover should have little to do with the inside of your book, save that it’s responsible for giving any potential readers an idea of what genre the story is in. Hey, I think it’s pretty weird and unfortunate, too. But this is coming from people who make six figures self publishing. And, unlike most advice, this is by far the most consistently given advice. So, as you can hopefully see, I went with the action/adventure genre, which I do think is a nice change.

Book two should be out by the end of next month. But now my head hurts from spending all day into the marketing side of indie publishing and I’m going to take a break and help myself to a large quantity of M&Ms.