New stuff all around

Man, has it been two months since I was last here? Time really flies when you’re busy.

Anyway, so I’m trying something a little different. I noticed that the one constant in my stories, asides from the use of teenaged protags, is that there’s always a lot of action. My stories become boring for me to write unless there’s some sort of physical confrontation in there. Like, fighting, explosions, magic spells in the case of my NaNo book (more on that later) and stuff like that.

So, I decided to get a new cover for Godspeed to show that, which is what you see above. While I’ll always love the cover my wife did, I’ve since learned that a cover should have little to do with the inside of your book, save that it’s responsible for giving any potential readers an idea of what genre the story is in. Hey, I think it’s pretty weird and unfortunate, too. But this is coming from people who make six figures self publishing. And, unlike most advice, this is by far the most consistently given advice. So, as you can hopefully see, I went with the action/adventure genre, which I do think is a nice change.

Book two should be out by the end of next month. But now my head hurts from spending all day into the marketing side of indie publishing and I’m going to take a break and help myself to a large quantity of M&Ms.



8 thoughts on “New stuff all around

  1. Looks a lot older than 16. and just what have you been busy at? Missy’s working, wdtching Em, shopping, doing the housework, etc…
    What have you been doing thats kept you so busy?


    • Yea, that was the best model we could find, so she’ll have to do until I sell enough books to get custom artwork. But at 400 bucks or more, it’s gonna be a little while.

      Honestly, I’m sensing a little hostility between us. I know you don’t believe in me, but my wife does, and that’s enough for me. As for what’s been keeping me busy, well. I’m glad you asked.

      1. It’s National Novel Writing Month. Since I’m a writer, I’m starting my second book series I’m going to publish.
      2. Melissa doesn’t do all of the housework. I do. All she has to do is change the kitty boxes, on account of my allergies. This includes cooking for both her and Emily, doing laundry for three people, and cleaning the entire house. All with vertigo, mind you. So it takes me a lot longer than it would a normal person.
      3. I’ve relaunched my first book, which meant editing it again. And doing stuff like finding a cover artist on the cheap actually takes a lot of research.
      4.I’ve finished the rewrite to my second book. That included writing most of it of it over again. My final stats were 180 pages of the original 249 written over from scratch. I’ve also read it three times this month to get it ready for release in December.
      5. I’ve written not one, but the next two books in the Godspeed series. The third is ready to be read by Melissa with the 4th ready sometime in January
      6. This may surprise you, but I do actually have a job. is my freelancer work space. I answer questions for and do product descriptions for in Canada and since, you know, you people refuse to believe I do actually have vertigo and it’s the only job I can do without nearly passing out.
      7. Did I mention I also take care of Emily while Melissa is working? It’s not like she requires no input throughout the day. I’m also Emily’s teacher and we’re learning handwriting, spelling and phonics right now.
      8. I’m also learning about marketing my book, doing research into advertising and expanding my social media reach. Things that successful indie authors pretty much have to do to be successful.

      So, yea. I’ve been busy. I don’t know where you got the idea that Melissa is watching Em, doing all the housework and working 43 hours a week. It’s actually impossible in a logical sense, since she’s not home. I do all that. I also do all the shopping.

      Next time you have an issue with me, though, don’t post it on my publicly available blog. Talk to me in person or email me at And if you don’t think what I do is a lot of work, try it. And don’t worry about the student loan payments. We’re actually to the point we’re going to start paying them next month. Maybe then I’ll actually get some respect from the only family I have left, since It’s been two years since I’ve heard from my mom and brother. I don’t even know where they are living, nor do I have any way to reach them. But go ahead and think all I do is write books and play games. Because one day, that’s all me, Melissa and Emily are going to do.

      Thanks for motivating me to work even harder, though. No, seriously. I was feeling burned out from all the “work” I’ve been doing, but now I suddenly feel like I can write another 4K words today on my story. Only 2k left before I’ve written 50K words this month for NaNo, so that’ll put me pretty close to having another book series out in the spring. That’ll be…five books for sale? I’m getting excited about our future, even if no one else is.


  2. The question was far less hostile than you perceived it to be. I honestly wanted to see your answer. Though i admit there was an element of doubt involved, it was meant more as an inquiry, not an inquesition. (sp)


    • Wow! What a hissy fight. It is inquisition, BTW. … Wow, Michael, I admire all the work you’re putting in, though I would not use “meant” in my writing, just my choice. So, you may wish to re-edit if you have, say, “meant” or “learnt” unless someone is quoted.
      As a published author, I know what it’s like, Bro. I have to feed the cats. It keeps me busy, just like you. Maybe more so. Man, does your wife do anything to help you? How about that so-called second family of yours, don’t they help you at all with your kid?
      I was deserted as a child, too. My dad went to Nam and defected.
      Man, vertigo. What did you do before you wrote? That’s just like Jimmy Stewart.


      • Oh yea, my wife does tons of stuff around the house. And let’s not forget paying most of the bills and feeding us. Weekends, she’ll help with the chores and she’ll take our daughter out to play and stuff which gives me much needed time to myself so I can regain my sanity for the next coming week. As far as my second family, I don’t usually like to go into too much detail in my personal life, but this blog is sort of my time capsule and I want to remember where I was “way back when,” you know?

        But no, my second family, which would be my mom and her husband (stepfather I guess. My biological dad was a no show. I only saw him once when I was eight.) is no where to be found. They disappeared two years ago. Just abandoned the house, left everything inside, including all of my childhood sports trophies (I was a heck of a bowler) and probably all of our family photos and anything else that would be considered sentimental.

        My mom emailed me about 18 months ago from someone else’s email just to say hello to us and Emily, but when i sent her an email back, Mailer Daemon told me the email was gone. Haven’t heard from them since. No other email works. No phone number. Nothing. Emily doesn’t even know she has another set of grandparents out there, she was so young when we last visited them.

        So, my wife’s family has been all the family I’ve had these last two years. And when one of them assumes I sit on my hands all day, it hurts, especially during this time of year. I love my wife a hell of a lot more than that, but I can’t even get the benefit of a doubt? Whatever.

        And before I took writing as seriously as I do now, I worked in grocery stores. I worked in so many different positions, it’s easier to tell people where I haven’t worked, which would be meat/seafood, bakery and I guess you could count pharmacy too. Did that for almost 14 years. Spent most of my time in frozen foods, though. I could be left alone there and do my own thing, since obviously no one else wanted to do it. I didn’t mind the cold, and my hands got used to it pretty fast, too.


  3. I know what you mean, Bro. You know, your life sounds like it would make a good book. That’s some serious messed up stuff there.
    I hope your wife and family appreciate that and it’s just that dave guy giving you a hard time.
    Keep writing. Remember though you have to see to your family. So write not for yourself but with them in mind. I have to support three kids from four different women so it can be difficult when I go through my day. I have to hold down two jobs and write and do housecleaning and feed my cats.
    I do the same thing too because I write different topics than you, I think. I like to write about the Viet Cong and Contranistas. Every time I see the movie the Green Berets I think of my dad, the deserter. So it’s tough, I know.
    Hang in there.


    • Thanks for your kind words. I honestly don’t see how you support three times as many children as I do and still have time to write and publish books. It’s bad enough with just one, but if something is important, you make the time for it.

      And I actually do write with my mom and such in mind. I know the one thing that’ll get her back is me making a decent living with my books. She’ll be here to “borrow” money in a heartbeat. I also can’t imagine what it’s like to have a father defect into Vietnam. Was this during the conflict or sometime after?


  4. Hey, it is difficult to support all the kids and write. Way back when, when I had a few articles picked up in magazines, I still worked full time. With my wife at the time working, it led to less hassles with money, fewer worries about the bills and allowed us to do more together as a family. It’s all about time management for me. I like money, so I worked and wrote on the side.
    As for my father, it was during the conflict. It was the time between the truce and the fall of Saigon. Seems he found himself another family from what I heard.


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