A Farewell to Nano. And also a look at what’s to come.

So, it should come to no surprise to anyone that I completed NaNo this year. I fell pretty short of my personal goal of 100,000 words and only managed 50,361 this year, but a win is a win, you know? Now I have another banner for my collection, so yay!

I remember starting NaNo way back in 2003. Dang, I didn’t know it was that long ago. I only missed two years. One because of teenage angst (I believe I was 22 at the time) and the other because I moved five hours away from my family on that other year. But NaNo was a lot smaller than it is now. It only had a few thousand people participating, and I’m glad I could be part of something that’s grown so large and helped not only other writers, but people all over the world.

So, what’s next? Well, last month I took the liberty of writing down everything I wanted to accomplish on a piece of paper. Filled up the whole sheet too. Crossed off most of the stuff, but I still have to renew my insurance thingy (it didn’t all have to do with writing and stuff. Just most of it.)

So, this month’s paper contains things like getting a cover for my next two books, Paradise Lost and Timeless (Wow, Paradise Lost was my NaNo from 2013. Cool!) actually finishing my first big edit of Timeless (I have like 30 pages that need some love) and finish reading Paradise Lost. I think it’s at a place where I can finalize it by reading it on a Kindle. Well, not a Kindle, but the free app for computers that simulates a Kindle. Once all that checks out, we should be good to go for later this month or around the beginning of January, I haven’t decided on a publishing date yet. But i definitely want to capitalize on all of those brand new 50 dollar kindles that will be floating around.

Then, I have to figure out what to write next. I was gonna do my NaNo next, instead of my necromancer story, but writing it last month left me pretty unfulfilled. It’s missing something, and I need time to find out what that is exactly. However, if my plans all come together, Godspeed the series will be done sometime in the spring. Meaning I have to think of something.

I keep going back and forth on my necromancer story. But Godspeed is sort of the opposite of No One’s Angel (I might still change that title.) since No One’s Angel is supposed to be an urban fantasy. But then again, they are pretty similar. Both YA, as usual. Both in the near future. And Urban Fantasy┬á in YA seems pretty hot right now and that trend looks to continue for a little while.

Hmm…that’s definitely on my piece of paper. Decide what my next series will be. Until then, I guess we’ll just see how it goes.