Book two and what I’ve learned

So, I released book two of “The Godspeed Saga,” “Paradise Lost,” a few days ago. The whole process has taught me a great deal about publishing in general, and I’d thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

However, let me first begin with the little promo I’m doing, because why not? My first book is free until Tuesday, so if you’re curious you can click here and try it out.

Now, on to the point of this post, and probably the reason I’ve been putting it off for a few days. It’s never really easy to admit making mistakes, and I made a pretty big one with my first book.

Thing is, I was updating the back matter of my book with links to my Facebook page. But instead of formatting the book and getting the .mobi to upload, I accidentally uploaded my raw Word document. This was weeks ago, by the way. So, that meant my book was just that. A Word document. No chapter headings. No interface of any kind. No copyright page, dedication or any of that professional stuff. All for who knows how long.

I felt horrible once I realized that. It was a dumb mistake, but one I’ll only make once. I’m only fortunate someone didn’t buy it and leave a bad review.

Anyway, that’s one lesson learned. The second is about just writing faster and all that stuff. I think I touched up on that a few days ago. Basically, I’m getting my final drafts finalized faster, which is nice.

I’ve also learned a lot about marketing. With the promo I’m doing, Godspeed, at its highest, reached #11 of the free teen action/adventure books. Not too shabby, though I couldn’t quite break into the top ten. Now, with that came a whole ton of page reads, since I’m enrolled in KU. However, when I set the book to free, the number of page reads I got was cut significantly. So, it appears to me that once a book is free, subsequent page reads aren’t counted.

Or maybe people stopped reading. Who knows? I may come back with some real numbers, just to let everyone know what happened, just in case any of you guys are about to release books. By the way, these statements come with no outside marketing, save for a post on Facebook, a small artist’s circle, and this blog post. When the series is done is when I’ll try the Facebook ad stuff. Maybe I can get it done by the summer. We’ll see.

So, that’s it for now. Gotta finish this last draft of my third book.



Introducing “Paradise Lost”

So, I finally got the cover back for my second book, which should be out pretty soon if everything in my ebook formatting and stuff checks out all right. It was a long journey, much longer than I thought it would be. But I learned a whole lot from the experience and my publishing time between books should have improved a great deal as a result. Shoutouts to MNS art studios over at for another awesome job.

Things to take away from this lengthy experience? Don’t get complacent. You can always improve and should continue to actively do so. And don’t forget that fact, even if you get caught up in all of the millions of things that go into publishing a book. Never forget to keep learning and improving.

To celebrate, I’ll be making my first book free for the five days I’m allowed to through KU. I won’t be tacking on any other additional promo sites, because the best advertising I can do is release the third book, I believe. Seems to be the magic number at which paid promotions begin to start paying off, though I’m considering waiting until the fourth and final book to actually do some promos and stuff. I’ll share the results here.

See ya then!EB (2)