Introducing “Paradise Lost”

So, I finally got the cover back for my second book, which should be out pretty soon if everything in my ebook formatting and stuff checks out all right. It was a long journey, much longer than I thought it would be. But I learned a whole lot from the experience and my publishing time between books should have improved a great deal as a result. Shoutouts to MNS art studios over at for another awesome job.

Things to take away from this lengthy experience? Don’t get complacent. You can always improve and should continue to actively do so. And don’t forget that fact, even if you get caught up in all of the millions of things that go into publishing a book. Never forget to keep learning and improving.

To celebrate, I’ll be making my first book free for the five days I’m allowed to through KU. I won’t be tacking on any other additional promo sites, because the best advertising I can do is release the third book, I believe. Seems to be the magic number at which paid promotions begin to start paying off, though I’m considering waiting until the fourth and final book to actually do some promos and stuff. I’ll share the results here.

See ya then!EB (2)


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