Just a quick update and some numbers on my promo

Hey everyone! I just wanted to drop by and give you guys a quick update on what’s going on over on my end. I apologize for the delay, but this Spring has been rough and I’m way behind on getting my third book ready.

So, a ton of stuff happened to me health wise that kept me out of this chair. The first thing was some sort of strange back injury I got when I stood up to get out of the sofa. No idea what happened, but after that, I just couldn’t move. Went to the Dr. and she said my muscle tissues became inflamed. Got some cool medicine, but I couldn’t sit down for two weeks. Standing was fine, and so was laying down. I just couldn’t sit.

Then allergy season hit. To spare you guys a long story, after about five trips to the Dr.’s office since February, I’m going to have sinus surgery. My sinuses are so inflamed that they can’t drain and they can’t really take in the medicine I’m using, which is causing my vertigo to get worse.But the Dr. is confident that surgery could start me on the road to recovery, which is gonna be long and includes me going back on allergy shots for a few years.

I was also diagnosed with migraine headaches. Long story sort, most “sinus headaches” that are self diagnosed turn out to be migraines. I had been keeping a journal of them, and when I took it to the Dr. she agreed with me. This month alone, I’ve had 17 migraine headaches. But the last five or so I’ve actually had medicine to handle them. It’s not working too well right now, but I’m on a low dose and the next time I see the Dr. she’s probably gonna up them.

So, the few weeks after I released my second book haven’t been the easiest for me. However, I did make some progress and I’m on the last edit of the third book before I pass it off to my betas, so hopefully it’ll be worth your wait.

But I did promise you guys some numbers from my last promo.  Godspeed hit #11 in the Y/A action/adventure category. However, Action/Adventure doesn’t seem to be too big and Dystopian is calming down. But the promo also netted me several thousand page reads on KU. I got four times as much money from page reads versus the sales from the second book. And I actually messed up a little bit and scheduled my promo too soon after my second book’s release. I was on the way to almost three whole books read a day (about 1500 KNEP)  when the promo hit. Most of those page reads were of Godspeed and I guess when it went free, the page reads also became free. This is as a result of the second book’s appearance in the “new releases” part of Amazon. A week later, page reads started coming in for Paradise Lost and I saw a fairly decent sized tail of sales and page reads for two weeks after before everything calmed down. The tail I experienced was a little longer than average for first time authors with two books, so that was awesome.

If I could do it all over again, I would release the second book, wait a week or two, and then do the free promo on the first. I’m gonna try something similar with when the third book comes out and see if that makes a difference. All of the expert authors say to work on generating sales instead of page reads, because Amazon can change how we’re paid for pages reads pretty much whenever they want. But I’ll take them when I get them.

So, that’s it. I’ve been feeling better as time goes on and I’m going to work doubly hard to give you guys an awesome book to enjoy.