Pixar shares its rules of storytelling.

So I was just relaxing a bit on the Internet, checking to see what the latest thing in writing was, when i stumbled across Pixar’s 22 rules for storytelling. Now, I wasn’t able to find out if this had been verified or not. The few places I checked suggested one of the storyboard artists made her own list. But regardless of how the list got here, it’s awesome to have the advice from, who I think, are some of the best storytellers out there. Well, save for maybe CARS 2. And The Good Dinosaur. I didn’t like either of those two movies, and in the case of The Good Dinosaur, I felt like they just let some random intern loose in the studio because they lost a bet or something. I mean, that movie’s plot had no idea where it was going, and characters appeared for no reason.

But I digress. Don’t worry if you’re writing a novel, short story, play, screenplay or something like that. This list, at least to me, seems broad enough to cover the gambit on just about all forms of fiction storytelling, so it isn’t specific to just the movie screen.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this with you guys. I’m actually gonna try Pixar’s method of plot generation, which is rule #4, and see where it takes me.




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