I miss my characters…

So that’s it. November is almost done. And I totally forgot to make a NaNo post earlier this month?  Yea well, this whole thing is still new to me anyway, so I promise to try harder in the future.

But spending a whole month on another separate book, and not on the Godspeed series, has affected me a way I hadn’t foreseen. As much work and frustration goes into the making of each book, and how fed up I am in reading it for the millionth time, I’ve come to find that I sort of miss that universe.

I mean, yea. I love these new characters in a totally separate universe. (My NaNo book is a zombie survival with two young girls, and one has a crush on the other and the other doesn’t know) But I know Sharon and her friends a lot better than I do these other characters. I could tell you how they’d respond to just about anything at any given moment, and that’s a feeling I really miss. A feeling of familiarity. But I’m sure I’ll get there with my two other protags, as well as all of the dozens of others that are still vying for me to actually write their stories.

Anyway, it’s just a little bittersweet. Because the 4th book is done, and I still want to do something different before heading back into Sharon’s universe. And I feel a little sad that I have to leave her alone for what might be a long time, and that time is fast approaching.

But at least I have some more edits to do on both the third and final book, so that’s something to look forward to. I can’t wait to get started on those, even though a few weeks from now I’ll probably be banging my head on my desk, wondering what drove me to such madness as to continue the series.

Or maybe it’s just me.



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