Oh yea. Numbers.

So I had a dream a pretty long time ago, that I had made a blog post concerning the numbers in the little promotion I was doing. It was one of those real ones, and it really felt like I had done it. Come to find out a few days ago that it was just a dream, and I hadn’t updated in a while. So, here I am.

Anyway, I think I had some pretty good numbers. The only promotional services I used at the release of my third book were the KDP select ones through Amazon (both the free book and the price countdown thingy) and a Fiverr.com service called BKnights. I’d give a link, but every time I do, it just takes you to the Fiverr.com front page.

All in all, it was worth it, especially for me. Five bucks get you put in a not unsubstantial mailing list. My first book was free, so I sent that one in, though I forget if they only accept free books. But earlier that year, Fiverr.com gave all its members five bucks to spend. It’s tricky, spending that free five dollar bill, because the thing you buy with it has to be exactly five dollars, and it won’t count towards larger purchases. Thankfully, BKnights had a basic five dollar gig, and I set it up.

My first Amazon only promo had me giving away about 30 books the first day. With BK nights, it was past 180, with a fairly decent sized tail after that single day. After the whole period, I gave away well over 200 books, and saw some sales on subsequent books. Although the price countdown didn’t quite perform the way I thought it would. Seemed like my subsequent books (book two and three) sold regardless of being at a discount or not. That makes me think I would’ve sold the same amount of books if I had just kept them full price.

So, those were the numbers after my promo. This next time, I’m going to purchase their biggest gig, and see where that takes me. Maybe even for a few days. Oh, and if you are going to use BKnights, don’t forget to schedule it for your first promo day. Though really, it might not matter.

I also might look into a few more promo sites that aren’t review gatelocked. We’ll see.

And finally, I think I’m going to start doing book reviews here, in an effort to keep my blog towards the forefront of my mind. I probably shouldn’t neglect it, though I’m thinking of moving it to somewhere else that’s easier to use.



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