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America in the late 21st century is pale shadow of its former glory. Decades of war and the growing divide between the poor and the wealthy leaves all but the super-rich in the grips of the greatest depression since the 1930’s.

This is the world that sixteen-year-old Sharon Hall lives in. With her city on the verge of economic collapse, her dream of graduating and getting the diploma she needs to get a real job and save her family grows more distant with each passing day.

However, a team of television developers has other plans for her city. In exchange for around 140 high school students selected at random, her city will receive the millions of dollars it desperately needs to jump-start its economy. Before Sharon knows what the developers are really filming, she’s drafted into the production, known simply as “The Battle.”

But, “The Battle” is anything but simple. While touted as an ordinary wilderness survival show, the game is, in fact, a staged war that splits Sharon’s circle of friends in half and equips everyone involved with rifles, machine guns and other deadly weapons of modern warfare.

If Sharon ever wants to see her family again, she’s going to have to shoulder her weapon and step into battle. But when the cost of her survival is the lives of her friends on the other team, it may be a more expensive price than she’s willing to pay.

Godspeed is the first book in the The Godspeed Saga, which follows Sharon and her exploits as participates in “The Battle.” You can pick it up for Kindle on Amazon here.

EB (2)

Sixteen-year-old Sharon Hall is now a star, having survived the brutal reality show called “The Battle.” And with that title comes all the benefits–and dangers–of a world run by greed and ruled by money.

Though her city received the money it needed to begin rebuilding its fractured economy, the latest season of “The Battle” has left Sharon’s life in ruins. With the friends she loved now buried under her feet, Sharon tries to mend her shattered life, talking solace in her newfound fortune.

The Developers, however, have other ideas for her.

Sharon’s actions have lead to the highest grossing season of the “The Battle” since its inception. And the easiest way to repeat that performance? Make her return to the trenches and kill again.

Thus begins another battle. One for her own life, as the inevitability of her return is made clear. But she’s been through hell before. And she’ll be damned if she doesn’t make it through again.

Paradise Lost is the second book in The Godspeed Saga which continues following Sharon as she endures all of the hardships of her personal fame and a society that sees her life as just a toy. You can pick it up for Kindle on Amazon here


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